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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sanguine After Story - Short Sequel - Part 10

Harvey flopped himself into a chair in my study later that day. It was not quite yet time for dinner, and I was once again trying to finish my letter to my mother. Suppressing a sigh, I set my letter aside and focused on my best friend.
I am going to be overrun with work tomorrow, but it was so worth it!” Harvey exclaimed with a grin. He rubbed one of his shoulders with a grimace.
Sore?” I asked knowingly.
Very!” Harvey blurted out. “Glacèe was quite abusive today...” He gave me a half smile. “And so was Ardent. I have no idea how you manage to survive all three – now four – of them!”
Practice,” I advised with a grin, which then faded until I was frowning. “Listen, I'm not so sure that I should let you play with my lovers anymore.”
Why not?” Harvey asked curiously.
Just something someone said,” I stated with a shrug, trying to act like I didn't know who. “It was mentioned that you won't get serious and look for a suitable wife if you know that you can simply come here to meet your needs.”
So now that you're married, you think I should be too?” Harvey asked, sounding offended.
Something like that,” I murmured with a shrug. Trying to appear like I was abruptly changing the subject, I waved dismissively. “Before I forget, did you happen to see Lily on your way to my study? She's been staying with our grandparents a lot lately, and I'm worried about her.”
You should be!” Harvey exclaimed with a derisive snort. “She's getting a certain bad reputation around town.”
What do you mean by that?!” I demanded angrily.
Just that she's continually disappearing with any man that catches her eye. Talk in the tavern claims that she is free with her affection and good at what she does,” Harvey explained darkly.
What?!” I roared incredulously, getting to my feet so that I could lean over and glare at my best friend.
Hey!” He yelled, holding up his hands defensively. “Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.”
I sat back down with a growl of frustration. Looking to the ceiling, I thought about what my father had said. If he was right, Lily was simply trying to attract Harvey's attention, so I decided to help her out a bit.
I'm sorry,” I muttered grudgingly. “I shouldn't have yelled at you. Can you do me a favor?” I asked, sounding anxious.
Name it!” Harvey answered confidently.
Can you keep a close eye on my sister? Spy on her; interrupt her if she seems to be about to do anything improper, and maybe try to talk to her and find out what she's up to,” I suggested. There! If she couldn't get Harvey's attention after that, then he simply wasn't interested in her in the slightest.
I don't know, man...” Harvey grumbled, looking away. “Your sister is beautiful, what if I interrupt her with someone and scare him off, and then she tries to entice me? I'm not entirely sure that I could say no to her!”
I snorted softly. “You're assuming that the rumors are true. What if she's innocent?”
It was Harvey's turn to snort. “She's still your sister and far too pretty for her own good!”
What's that supposed to mean?” I asked, not quite able to figure it out.
Are you seriously that dense?!” Harvey roared, squinting one eye at me as he gestured emphatically. “I have been trying to stay away from her for almost the last year so that I don't piss you off!”
Why would I be mad if you were around her?” I wondered, still confused. I knew they were friends by association and had spent quite a bit of time together when I wasn't around.
Gods! Do I have to spell it out for you? I want to fuck your sister!” Harvey blurted out.
Hey!” I shouted angrily. “Have some respect!”
We both glared at each other in silence for a moment. Pursing my lips and wrinkling my nose in distaste, I realized that I didn't want to think about my baby sister having sex, ever. Breathing purposefully to calm down, I decided to try again.
If that's how you feel, then why don't you ask her to marry you?” I suggested.
Because I don't want to marry her,” Harvey grumbled. He rubbed the back of his neck and shifted guiltily in his chair. “I don't want to marry anyone just yet. I want to be free to get to know a lot of different women for a while longer, and that's why I stay away from your sister. I don't want to piss you off by carelessly bedding her with no intention of getting married.”
I sighed in frustration. Part of me wanted to beat him to death for wanting to casually have sex with my sister, but another part remembered how unfair Sandra thought it was that girls were held to such different standards than boys. I pulled on my hair and groaned for a few moments as I thought this information over. Finally, I thunked my forehead onto my desk.
Why don't you just tell her that then and see what she says,” I muttered almost unintelligibly.
What?” Harvey asked, either confused because he didn't quite hear me, or confused because he had but didn't understand what I meant.
I looked up at him. “Look, all I know is that she likes you. Maybe you should go talk to her and explain what you might want from her, and more importantly, what you don't want from her. It's not like I have any right to judge her if she decides to agree to your... non-proposal...” I glared at him for a moment before adding: “Just don't force yourself on her and you and I will have no problems.”
That I can promise!” Harvey agreed with a grin. He jumped up in excitement and rushed to the door. “Thanks!”
Hey!” I called after him.
What?” He asked impatiently. “I have something important I need to do.”
I sighed, understanding that my best friend was probably going to have my baby sister in his bed in just a few short hours. “Just... don't brag to me about it. I don't really want to know the details...”
Understood,” Harvey murmured with a respectful nod. Trying not to be in such an obvious hurry, Harvey left my study.

The next morning, I was sound asleep, snuggled up in the middle of my lovers and my wife, when the door slammed open. “Gavin!” My sister Lily roared. She climbed onto the foot of the bed and crawled until she could grab me by the shoulders and shake me. “I should beat you to death before you wake up enough to defend yourself!”
Whoa!” Ardent mumbled sleepily, sounding impressed.
I didn't know you had it in you, Lily,” Glacèe added, sounding like she was cheering my sister on.
What did Gavin do now?” Sang-Soif asked before yawning.
Lily!” I blurted out, now that I was awake enough to realize that someone had stolen the blankets from me and I was naked. Lily was preserving my modesty by sitting on a majorly sensitive area, her skirt concealing anything she shouldn't see.
I'm so furious with you!” Lily shouted, shoving me, and when that didn't satisfy her, she slipped her hands around my neck.
Lily,” I managed to say despite her strangling me.
Well now, this just got a whole lot more interesting,” Glacèe purred in delight.
Shouldn't we help him?” Amaryllis wondered, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
In a minute,” Ardent promised in a whisper.
Because of you, Harvey and I had an astoundingly terrible fight last night!” Lily finally informed me, still trying to wring my neck. “Because of whatever you said to him, he is now so mad at me that he's refused to talk to me ever again!
Lily,” I managed to just barely whisper. I wanted to defend myself but I had no room to move and she had all the leverage. To my horror and amazement, as the world slowly started to go dark, I could feel something that helped me to understand – just a tiny bit – why Sang-Soif like this so much.
As if reading my mind, Sang-Soif purred sensually. “Mmm... he's getting close to cumming, even though he could not find his sister less sexy if he tried!” She reached over and pinched one of my nipples, which caused a jolt of pleasure to electrify me to my core.
Lily gasped and released her grasp on my neck so abruptly that I thought I was going to pass out from the sudden influx of air. “What?!?! That's disgusting!”
Not from my perspective,” Sang-Soif murmured seductively, shifting closer to me so that she could kiss me.
Ugh!” Lily groaned, repulsed by the thought of me having sex, ever.
Aww,” Ardent groaned in disappointment. “She stopped before he could thoroughly embarrass himself.”
Ew!” Lily squeaked in disgust.
It's not poor Gavin's fault that you burst in here and started choking him,” Glacèe came to my defense, stretching sensually before grabbing onto Sang-Soif and murmuring in her ear. “Would you like me to choke you before we get up and get breakfast?”
Yes please!” Sang-Soif answered eagerly.
I looked around as I rubbed my neck. “Who has the blankets?”
I think they fell on the floor,” Ardent replied, yawning. She pressed a kiss to my cheek, and then looked up at Lily. “What did you say Gavin did?”
He said something to Harvey to make him hate me!” Lily wailed miserably. “He never wants to see me again!”
My voice sounded hoarse when I finally manage to talk. “I didn't say anything bad.” I tried clearing my throat, but it didn't help. “All I told him was that he should talk to you.”
Yeah? Well it worked!” Lily growled angrily. “He came to me and told me that you asked him to ask me what I have been doing to earn such a bad reputation. Of course I was upset at first that he had such a low opinion of me, but I know he's probably justified. I have been doing bad things!”
Lily!” I gasped in shock.
What kind of bad things?” Ardent asked with interest.
Well...” Lily looked down at her hands, she looked ready to cry. “Harvey comes to you because you know how to do things to him that I don't, so I decided to learn!”
Lily!” I gasped again, really not liking what I was hearing.
Well? What am I supposed to do?!” Lily demanded, definitely close to crying. “If I want him to notice me, I have to know how to do things to him!”
Oh honey,” Glacèe exclaimed in sympathy. “You should have come to me, I could have taught you exactly what to do to him!”
Ardent covered my mouth before I could protest such a suggestion. “I would be happy to help you too.”
I brushed Ardent's hand away and then sighed in reluctant acceptance. “Fine, I think I can understand... but what I am still confused on is why Harvey got mad at you. If you told him that you want him, then what was his problem?”
He thought I was innocent, but when I told him that I was tying men up and learning how to please them with my mouth, he –”
She didn't get to finish because we all roared incredulously at that. I was utterly astonished that she would do such a thing. Glacèe, Sang-Soif, and Ardent were all impressed, and Amaryllis was positively scandalized.
Well of course he got upset!” Glacèe burst out. “He's a man, for Gods' sakes! He wants to believe that the woman he is interested in is a perfectly innocent little virgin who hasn't even noticed that other men exist! You can't ever admit to doing such things!”
But I am a virgin!” Lily protested with an embarrassed blush.
But you just said –” I blurted out in confusion.
I just said that I tie men up and use my mouth on them! I'm not stupid, Gavin. I know better than to let them have their hands free during such a time! Only when I am certain that they will not force themselves on me when I am done do I dare let them go, and if they don't agree to behave, then I leave while they are still tied up.”
Oh...” I muttered, not entirely sure how to respond to that.
Yeah, oh...” Lily muttered just before she burst into tears.
Lily,” I murmured soothingly. Sighing, I decided to be honest with her. “Listen, I'll try talking to him again, but I can already tell you what it is he planned to tell you last night. He told me that he's not ready to get married anytime soon, but that he wants you to be his lover. I told him to tell you that and let you decide if that was good enough for you.”
You did?” Lily asked, her tears stopping as an expression of hope shone from her face. “Oh Gavin!” She flung herself onto me so that she could hug me tight.
I think you should just keep your mouth shut and let Lily do what she's been doing to everyone else,” Ardent stated.
Agreed!” Glacèe exclaimed, which was a bit rare for the two of them.
I can do that?!” Lily asked in awe.
Apparently,” I muttered dryly.
She snuggled into me and then kissed me on the cheek. “You're the best brother ever!”
I chuckled, returning her hug.
GAVIN!” My father roared in outrage. We all looked over to find him standing with his arms crossed sternly in my open doorway.
This isn't what it looks like!” I insisted hastily, realizing that he had basically just caught me naked in bed with my baby sister on top of me.
Dad glared at me for a moment, and then burst out laughing. “So I've heard. I just thought I should take advantage of such an excellent opportunity to make your heart stop! As for you, young lady! I think we need to have a talk...”
Dad...” Lily groaned, blushing a vibrant shade of red.
And in the future, if you're going to loudly shout at and confront your brother, please try to do so when he's not part of a naked pile of bodies!”
Amaryllis squeaked in dismay as she realized that he was right. She covered her breasts with one hand and grabbed Ardent's hand to cover her womanhood. Ardent giggled and whispered: “If you're going to do that, don't be surprised if I...” As far as I could figure, Ardent must have wiggled her finger between Amaryllis's “lips” to make her gasp.
Ew...” Lily groaned again, and then struggled to get out of my bed. “I'm pretty sure that I don't ever want to think about this again!”
I sat up as Lily walked toward the door. She had her head down and resembled a dog with his tail between his legs. I'm almost certain that she expected our father to take her by the ear and drag her away.
Out of curiosity,” I began with a raised brow. “How long have you been standing there?”
Ever since I spotted Lily throw open the door and try to choke you to death,” Dad stated with a shrug.
And you didn't say anything?” I demanded incredulously.
Dad laughed sadistically. “I was sure you either deserved it or that one of your lovers would rescue you, eventually...”
Gee, thanks dad!” I grumbled unappreciatively.
No problem,” he replied with a cheeky grin. Then he slung an arm over Lily's shoulder and led her away. I heard him murmur as they walked away: “You could have come to me for advice...”
Ardent sat up with a blissful sigh. “I'm not the only one awake early! Who wants to go for a ride?”
I love to ride!” Amaryllis exclaimed happily.
Excellent!” Ardent stated, pulling my wife into a hug and kissing her. Far too giddy for my taste, Ardent climbed out of bed and rushed to get dressed, but first, she grabbed a jar of herbs off the dresser.
Time to take our herbs!” She announced.
What herbs?” Amaryllis wondered curiously.
None for me,” Sang-Soif murmured. “I'm not taking them anymore.”
What?!” Ardent demanded incredulously. “Why not?”
Because Gavin said I could have another baby,” Sang-Soif murmured with a dreamy smile.
When was this?!” Ardent roared.
Yesterday while you two were playing with Harvey,” Sang-Soif smirked.
Wait a minute, that's not fair!” Ardent pouted petulantly. “Why does Sang-Soif get to have another baby?”
Because she wants one,” I murmured, leaning over to kiss my beloved.
I want one too, but we all agreed not to have anymore!” Ardent cried out.
Once again, you didn't bother to ask me what I thought about it,” I chided her. “If you had, I would have told you that you could have another if you were ready to.”
Really???” Ardent asked, her eyes round with hope. Her expression tugged at my heart.
Yes,” I confirmed solemnly.
She tossed the jar back onto the dresser and ran back to the bed so that she could leap on me. “Hooray! We're going to have another baby!”
Well not me!” Glacèe growled grumpily. She was obviously getting annoyed that her sleep was still being disturbed. “I've already got two!”
I couldn't help but sigh in relief at that. If she managed to have twins again, my number of children would have more than doubled! It was as frightening to think about as it was interesting.
Ardent settled herself on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck so that she could kiss me. “I just love you so damn much!” She confessed, though this wasn't exactly a secret. I responded by holding her to me and kissing her deeply.
Pardon me, my Lord,” a maid interrupted us with a blush. “Would you like me to close your door so that you may have some privacy?”
I had completely forgotten that my father had left the door open! Amaryllis sighed and answered before I could. She shook her head and tugged on Ardent's arm.
No, you may as well come in and help us get dressed. It seems that we are awake for the morning and would like to go for a ride,” Amaryllis informed the maid.
But the baby!” Ardent protested with a pout.
Sang-Soif laughed. “The herbs take a while to stop working, so a baby isn't going to be conceived right now!”
Maybe not,” Ardent conceded. “But that shouldn't stop me from trying!”
You tried last night!” Amaryllis exclaimed. “Twice!”
Oh just shut up and get out of bed already!” Glacèe roared. “Some of us are still trying to sleep!”
Ardent's first instinct was to gasp indignantly and prepare to yell at Glacèe, but a look at Sang-Soif's face made her gulp and swallow her anger. “Fine...” she ground out unhappily. It was rare for Sang-Soif to lose her temper, but when she started glaring or showing other signs of an imminent eruption, everyone dropped everything and cleared the room!
The maid had worked for us a long time, and was used to seeing us in a naked pile like this, so she simply ignored us and did her job. Currently, that meant looking for clothing for Ardent and Amaryllis to wear. My wife frowned unhappily.
I think I'm going to have to go visit my father later today,” she murmured. “I don't have any of my clothes!”
Wear something of mine,” Ardent suggested.
Amaryllis sorted through some of Ardent's dresses with a gasp of dismay. “I couldn't wear something so scandalous!”
As they softly discussed what to wear, I lay back down and snuggled up to Sang-Soif. Aside from the fact that it was morning and I almost always woke up hard, Ardent had gotten me in the mood when she rubbed up against me just a few moments ago. Sang-Soif sort of groaned and pushed me away, but she almost always did that. It was part of her fun.
Grabbing her roughly, I forced her to lay on her stomach with her hands under her. She moaned in anticipation and wiggled her butt before softly whispering. “No Gavin, not now...”
I was torn – like I usually was in this situation – between listening to her words and listening to her body cues. Her words were saying no, but her body was saying yes. She pushed her rear into me and moaned again. “I'm not in the mood...”
Liar!” Glacèe snorted
Sliding into the woman I loved more than anything in the whole world, I am ashamed to say that I lost all control and pumped her full. With a sigh of frustration, I pulled her arms out from under her and then lay on top of her. She sighed dreamily, loving my weight on her.
Finally!” Glacèe gasped, understanding that we – and therefore she – would be going back to sleep for a while longer. And sleep we did... until the girls all started crying and woke us up. By the sound of it, they'd all gotten sick! With a groan, I got out of bed to help the nannies comfort and care for them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sanguine After Story - Short Sequel - Part 9

Just as I was sitting down to write a letter to the Lord of Clan Garnet the next morning, I learned that word had already reached him of our sudden and scandalous marriage. My father was also in my study – neither of us had eaten breakfast yet – so that he could write a letter to my mother. By the speed and loudness of his writing, I am fairly certain that the letter was not favorable to me in the slightest, but I couldn't be upset about it. After all, I was at fault!
Anyway, before I could think of something to add after: Dear Lord Garnet; there was an uproar in the audience room. What I had not known at the time was that a few of my guests had returned at the crack of dawn so that they could be on hand to witness the show. One of which was my best friend, Harvey, who later confessed to repeating the incredulous story of my sudden marriage several times in a tavern last night. I can only assume that someone else in the tavern brought the tale to Lord Garnet's ears, because he was the one shouting in outrage that I appear before him this instant and explain myself.
Oh boy,” I muttered, taking a deep breath.
My father snorted in a way that indicated he felt that I was getting my just desserts. I rolled my eyes but didn't say anything. He got to his feet – leaving his letter unfinished – and held up his hands.
Just wait about two minutes. I want to get a good seat for this!” He ordered me before rushing off.
I sighed and put my head in my hands. “The things I get myself into...”
Ardent laughed, calling my attention to the fact that she was standing in the doorway, hand in hand with my wife. Glacèe gently pushed them aside so that she could enter my study. She put her hands on her hips and smirked at me.
I suggest you wait more like five minutes. The three of us will try to incite a riot,” Glacèe stated gleefully.
What?!” I blurted out, my heart stopping in panic.
Glacèe laughed. “Just kidding!” She slipped back out of the room and took hold of Sang-Soif's hand. “We simply want to find good seats too!”
Ardent kissed Amaryllis on the cheek and wished: “Good luck!” Before taking hold of Sang-Soif's other hand and walking away with them.
Amaryllis and I stared at each other in silence for a moment before my manners kicked in. “How are you today?”
She blushed an adorable shade of pink. “Wonderful! You?”
Same here,” I assured her with a smile.
Getting to my feet, I offered her my arm. “You ready?”
As ready as I'll ever be!” She exclaimed, looking more happy than nervous. Slipping her hand into the crook of my arm, she giggled. “After this is over, I'd love to hear more about Clan Blood!”
What would you like to know?” I asked as I slowly walked towards the audience room.
Well, um...” She bit her lip with a frown. “For starters, why were Ardent and the others covered in blood yesterday, and also, why did you let Glacèe whip you like that?” She delicately pressed the back of a hand to her forehead. “I feel like my head is spinning!”
Clan Blood is... different...” I murmured, knowing that I didn't have time to get into the details right now. “I promise I'll tell you all about it later on.”
I'll hold you to that!” Amaryllis exclaimed with a grin.
Guards saw us approaching my private entrance to the audience room, and prepared to open the door. Pausing outside the closed door, I leaned over and kissed my wife on the cheek. The door opened to reveal her giggling and looking at me with a beautiful smile, which made the audience fall silent in anticipation.
We entered the room as regally as I had once seen the King and Queen do in their Palace. Stopping before Lord Garnet, I bowed respectfully even as she curtseyed. I may have only been in the Royal Palace for a short time years ago, but I was currently grateful for the lessons in etiquette I'd learned while there!
Father,” Amaryllis murmured as I greeted him. “My Lord.”
He harrumphed, studying his daughter carefully. “I didn't want to believe it was true, despite frantically searching for my missing daughter until the wee hours, but I can clearly see that it is!”
Plastering a smooth expression on my face, I tried to be as pleasant as possible. “Yes, my Lord. I am terribly sorry that we were wed in such a fervent rush, but we had reason to believe that such haste would be for the best.”
Such as...?” Lord Garnet growled, clearly angry.
Glancing at Amaryllis knowingly made her blush. Kissing her hand delicately, I looked her father in the eye. “It's not polite to implicate a Lady in any... indiscretions...”
His eyes narrowed as he stared at me. “I find such a suggestion extremely hard to believe!” He stated, trying hard not to make a scene in front of all these people. A glance around the room made him wonder yet again why the entire population of the region seemed to be watching him with bated breath.
Returning his attention to me, he glanced at his daughter. “I happen to know for a fact that my daughter was under constant supervision. She could not possibly have gotten herself into any indiscreet situations!”
I am very good at climbing trees,” I remarked, knowing from a random comment during our wedding feast that Amaryllis had her bedroom on the second floor of her home with a tree outside her window. She blushed again and held a hand to cover her face as she looked away. Even though she was simply embarrassed that I was implying that I had snuck into her room and had my way with her, her reaction lent credence to my words.
Growling once more, Lord Garnet slapped me across the face. This was a probably just an expression of his anger, but could also be a challenge to a duel. My lovers all growled in response, upset by the mild abuse. I'm sure they longed to throw the Lord into their dungeon.
You are a disgrace!” Lord Garnet roared. “Truly noble born Lords have manners and the grace to not seduce innocent young Ladies! If I had known that such a snake was interested in my daughter, I would have married her to proper and decent Lord the very moment she turned 16! By the Gods! Even if I had caught you in the act, I still wouldn't have given my daughter to you! You have stolen something precious from me!”
Knowing that I had just successfully convinced him of a lie, I stood my ground and patiently let him yell at me. Had I actually done what I claimed to, he would have been completely justified in his anger. I forced my face to remain completely smooth and emotionless.
I should have known that nothing good could ever come from Clan Blood! If I thought you wouldn't somehow cheat, I'd challenge you to a duel and kill you where you stand!” Lord Garnet added, seeming to be near the end of his rant. He growled one last time for good measure.
Daddy!” Amaryllis called out in shock. She clutched my arm protectively. “You would leave my child without a father?” She buried her face in my arm to cover the fact that she had a hard time making such a claim without revealing that it was a lie. Gathering her courage, she continued. “None of this is Gavin's fault! I am the one who... who...” She faltered, blushing a bright shade of red.
Shh...” I whispered, putting a comforting arm around her. “Do not say such things!”
Lord Garnet gaped at his daughter incredulously. “Amaryllis...” he murmured, sounding utterly betrayed. “Why would you do such a thing? I had a perfectly noble and wealthy Lord picked out for you to marry. One with more manners and respect than this vile upstart!”
No you did not!” Amaryllis shouted out angrily, speaking her mind to her father for the first time – possibly in her entire life. “You wanted me to marry a much older man who may or may not have murdered his first two wives! Simply being in the same room with him made me shudder in horror! I would have seduced every man in the Kingdom if I thought it would have helped me avoid marrying him!”
Her father seethed for a few moments as he fought to control his temper. “So be it...” He turned his wrath back on me. “I will be writing a letter of complaint to the King demanding that I be sufficiently compensated for the loss of my daughter!”
That's barbaric!” Amaryllis screeched indignantly. “Clan Garnet is one of the very few that still sells their daughters to the highest bidders! The rest of the Kingdom has embraced the concept that girls should be allowed to choose between their suitors! Why can't you just accept the fact that I made my choice and leave it at that!”
I should have you dragged back home, beaten for your impudence, and then locked away until that brat of yours is born!” Lord Garnet roared hastily. I am almost certain that he didn't truly mean this, but rather simply hated to lose control of his daughter so publicly. Even so, I could not stand idly by and let him make such threats. Standing in front of my wife protectively, I sent the Lord the coldest look I could manage.
If you so much as try that, you will find out the true meaning and purpose of Clan Blood,” I warned him, signaling to my lovers. They responded by getting to their feet and growling as they stalked closer to him. Sang-Soif flexed her fingers so that the light would flash and call attention to her sharp metal claws. Glacèe rolled a ball of lightning between her hands, and Ardent repeatedly punched her left palm with her right fist.
Lord Garnet purposely took a few deep breaths to calm his temper. He probably didn't know exactly what Clan Blood did for the Kingdom, but he almost certainly knew that our Clan was famous for having she-demons who could break a man just as easily as kill him. With a sneer, he backed away from me.
I was right about you! Rather than duel me properly, you'd rather hide behind the skirts of your demonic bitches,” he flung out an insult. “I'm going, but don't underestimate my influence with the King. You'll get what's coming to you!”
I'm sure I will,” I murmured with an unconcerned shrug. Everyone watched him leave in silence until Amaryllis couldn't stand it any longer.
Goodbye daddy!” She called out after him.
He stopped to look back at her. Several emotions crossed his face before he managed to erase them. Nodding just once to acknowledge her words, he still took another moment to respond.
Take care...” he murmured and then left.
I looked around the audience room solemnly for a moment, and then smiled politely. Holding my arms out wide, I chuckled. “It seems that – since everyone is already here – this would be an excellent time to celebrate! Let there be another feast!”
This caused quite a bit of quiet cheering. I noticed one servant throw his arms out in frustration and realized that he and the others must have barely finished clearing all the tables out of the audience room from last night's feast before the room filled up again, and now would have to set them all back up again. I bit my lip to hide a laugh.
Thank you so much,” Amaryllis murmured in my ear, kissing me both as a reward for helping her and as a way to give our audience something interesting to see. The kiss was racy and reminded me of how much fun we'd had last night.
I grinned at her for a moment before movement caught my eye. In the background, my dad was sneaking away. My heart felt heavy as I realized that he must still be angry with me. My wife sensed my sudden depression and forced me to look at her so that she could kiss me again.
After feasting lightly – I was strangely not hungry – I excused myself so that I could return to my study and write a letter to my mother. If Lord Garnet truly had the power to complain to the King and demand compensation, than I owed it to my mother to tell her the details of the situation before she read the complaint. I'm sure that she'd read about it from my father before reading my letter, but I still needed to explain it to her.
Walking into my study, I found that my father had written more on his letter, but had disappeared. I tried not to read his letter, but part of it caught my eye anyway.
After watching the dramatic confrontation this morning with Lord Garnet, I have changed my mind. Knowing that Gavin admitted to not impregnating the Lady Amaryllis after all, but then seeing the way he stood up to her father and let him believe that he was a bad Lord who had done an incorrigible thing, I realized that something much more important than I first thought must be going on. It wasn't until the Lady shouted out that she was terrified of marrying the man her father had chosen for her that I realized that our son was actually protecting her. He was being truly noble by acting like an utter cad. I am not sure I can accept his rash and foolish decision so easily, but at least now, I understand it better. I can only pray
His letter wasn't finished, ending there abruptly, but I got the gist of what he was trying to say. Relieved that he wasn't quite as angry at me as he had been, I sat down to begin my own letter. Sighing, I wondered what to say.
Dear mom, I began and then faltered. Even knowing that she was going to read my father's letter first, I still felt like I should tell her the news as if she was going to hear it from me first. I have good news to tell you... I'm married!
So far, so good... But it sounded like I was being impertinent. Trying to figure out how to tell her was overwhelming, so I decided to start at the beginning.
I need you to understand, I wasn't looking to get married. I was perfectly content to devote myself to my lovers, but then the Lady Amaryllis of Clan Garnet walked into my life and asked me to marry her. I didn't take her seriously, I even told her that I would make a bad husband, but she wouldn't take no for an answer...
Slowly, I wrote about everything that had happened. In the middle of my thirteenth paragraph, dad reentered the room. He was holding a small plate in one hand, and a mug of tea in the other. He looked at me with an indecipherable expression for a long moment, and then smiled faintly.
So... that could have gone much worse,” he remarked as he sat down in front of his unfinished letter.
I nodded in agreement. “I was fully prepared to duel with him!”
My dad snorted in amusement at that, and then sighed heavily. “So, because one young woman could not talk to her father honestly and openly, you're life will never be the same. Gavin...” He shook his head sadly. “I really wish that you had tried to find some alternative before making such an important lifetime commitment.”
I know dad,” I murmured. “But think about this for a moment, it's only been a few years – about a decade or so – that our Kingdom has even allowed a young Lady a choice in her marriage partner. That means that most noble couples got married before getting to know each other. How is this any different? I told her before I agreed to her proposal that I had lovers I refused to give up and she accepted that. I figure that if we can treat each other with respect and maybe even friendship, then we'll already be ahead of most noble married couples. It's not like I was ever going to be able to marry the one I truly love...”
Maybe you're right,” dad admitted with a sigh. He certainly seemed to be thinking my words over. Finally, he shrugged. “Call me an old fool if you want, but I was actually praying that you'd eventually convince Sang-Soif to marry you and experience something I never got to have.”
I suddenly understood something that I had never really thought about before. “Dad, you're lost. You were originally set to inherit the orchard and be nothing more than a simple farmer. Then my mom threw your life into chaos by having us despite not marrying you and leaving you to raise us on your own. Then she threw your life into chaos again by making me a Lord. Now you live in my home, having given up your claim to the orchard to your sister. Worse, I'm all grown up, Sandra is married, and Lily is going to be married the moment she settles on a groom. You're alone, you're lonely, and you have nothing to do with your life. Maybe it's time you figured out what it is you want to do...”
I smirked and rolled my eyes, knowing he wouldn't listen to me. “You know, maybe even find a good woman and get married!”
To my surprise, dad seemed to actually think my advice over. He stroked his chin and made a long hmm noise. Slowly, he very slightly nodded his head. “Maybe you are right.”
I am!” I insisted with a cheeky grin.
Before either of us could say anything else, there was a knock on the door, which immediately opened to admit Harvey. He gave me a goofy grin and then shook his head wryly. “Congratulations man!”
Thanks,” I murmured, smiling at him gratefully.
Listen Gavin, I just thought I should tell you that Ardent and Glacèe invited me to stay for the afternoon,” Harvey stated, trying not to look too happy by the prospect.
Did they?” I asked with an amused chuckle. Ever since the first time he had been with them, Harvey had visited them in the Castle on occasion, and Ardent made the rare stop at his place during her morning ride. I had no problem with this and sometimes even liked to watch. “Good luck!”
Incidentally, Sang-Soif was looking for you. She and your beautiful new wife were giggling by themselves in a corner. I think they have something special in mind for you.” Harvey made a sound that was a cross between a snort of disbelief and a huff of indignation. “I must admit that I am jealous! How can your wife just get along with your lovers so well?!”
I spread my hands wide and shook my head as I shrugged. “I have no idea, but you should have been so lucky as to be me last night!”
I bet!” Harvey burst out with a laugh. He waved goodbye to me, and then went to find my lovers.
My dad shook his head in disapproval. “You shouldn't let him do that.”
Why not?” I wondered with a frown. If he said because they were my women, I was going to have to give him a piece of my mind!
Because Lily wants to marry him,” dad stated, completely astonishing me. I hadn't expected that in the slightest!
What?!” I roared.
Dad nodded, a half grin on his face. “I heard her talking about it. She's been in love with him for years, always making excuses to spend time with him, but he never seems to notice her. She's sad that she can't compete with your women, so she flirts with every man she can in an attempt to make him jealous.”
Aha...” I murmured in enlightenment. “I'll try talking to him... later...”
You do that,” my dad muttered, his attention already back on his letter. I realized that I couldn't concentrate on my own letter any more because the suggestion that Sang-Soif and Amaryllis were waiting for me was far too intriguing. Getting to my feet, I headed toward the door.
Have fun,” dad murmured absently.
I plan to!”

To my delight, I found my wife crying out in pleasure as Sang-Soif tongued her. The soft noise the door made as I shut it alerted them to my presence. Not that that stopped them.
Amaryllis blushed but smiled at me as she beckoned me to come closer. “Sang-Soif has told me how much she likes being ordered around and has challenged me to command her. However, I must confess that this was the only thing I knew to tell her to do. Can you help me think of some other things to have her do?”
I'm sure I can!” I answered with a grin. “Sang-Soif honestly gets far more pleasure from violence against her than from intercourse, so you could learn how to spank her.”
Sang-Soif laughed throatily. “This isn't about me, this is about her. She has free reign to order me to do anything if it pleases her...”
Anything?” Amaryllis questioned timidly.
Anything,” Sang-Soif purred in confirmation.
Even that thing Ardent did to me last night?” Amaryllis asked shyly.
You're going about this the wrong way,” I informed my wife. “You don't ask, you tell her what to do. I'm sure she would just love it if you skipped the command altogether and tied her to the bed!
Hmm...” Amaryllis hummed in thought. “Command... I can do that! Sang-Soif, remove all of your clothes and then lie on the bed!”
Yes Mistress,” Sang-Soif replied obediently, her eyes smoldering with anticipation. Amaryllis was already naked, and it didn't take long for Sang-Soif to get naked as well. Sang-Soif climbed into the center of the bed, and then positioned herself so that she could be easily tied up if we wanted. Amaryllis climbed on top of her and kissed her just once.
She really would prefer to be tied, wouldn't she?” Amaryllis asked me, biting her lip in thought.
Yes,” I confirmed, excited to watch how this played out.
Sang-Soif! Roll over!” Amaryllis ordered. Sang-Soif grinned, rolling my wife under her. Amaryllis giggled, kissing Sang-Soif. “This isn't what I had in mind!” She squirmed out from under my lover and then sat on her. “Can you show me how to tie her hands behind her back?”
Gladly!” I agreed with a grin. I took my time to show her how to bind the wrists together in a way that shouldn't hurt but was also very difficult to escape from.
Now you should try pulling on her hair and forcing her to pleasure you,” I suggested.
Amaryllis frowned and bit her lip again. “But... what about you?”
I'm looking forward to watching the two of you,” I assured her.
But...” Amaryllis looked conflicted. “But I want you to have fun too!”
With an amused smile, I bowed slightly. “As my lady wishes. How about this...?” I quickly freed my shaft and pulled my wife into my lap. “If you face away from me, you can still order Sang-Soif to please you.”
That's brilliant!” Amaryllis cheered happily, sliding onto my shaft. She inhaled in surprise. “I guess I didn't expect to still be sore from last night,” she murmured.
Does it hurt?” I asked in concern.
Not really, just feels a bit uncomfortable. I don't want to stop,” Amaryllis said, sounding afraid that I would insist that she wait until she was fully recovered.
Whatever you want,” I stated, nuzzling her neck. “You have full control today.”
She moaned happily, and then lightly yanked on Sang-Soif's hair. She still seemed hesitant to hurt my lover, but was trying her best to give Sang-Soif what she wanted. My lover crawled around the bed until she was in position, and then used her tongue to please my wife.
Amaryllis squirmed delightfully, grinding into me in a way that I enjoyed but wasn't overstimulated by. Even better, my hands were free to cup and caress Amaryllis's soft breasts. She had just slightly less than Ardent, but they were still perky and fun to play with.
A glorious amount of time passed like this before Amaryllis gasped out: “Enough!”
As you wish,” I murmured, lifting her off my shaft and setting her aside.
But wait,” she cried out in disappointment. “You didn't...”
I could see that she wasn't yet familiar with all the terminology. Smiling, I kissed her on the cheek. “I didn't, but I don't have to. I'm fine as long as you are happy.”
That's not fair!” Amaryllis exclaimed passionately. “You deserve to feel what I felt and I want you to... I want you to do that thing that can fill me with your child!”
Unconsciously, I moaned at the thought. Even having children and knowing what a handful they are, the thought of getting her pregnant made me happy. I tried to act like I didn't care one way or the other.
If that's what you want...” I murmured.
It is!” She insisted. Turning, she lightly smacked Sang-Soif on her right breast. “On your belly!”
Sang-Soif complied, lying on the bed on her stomach with her legs parted just slightly. Amaryllis reclined on top of Sang-Soif so that she would be trapped under us as we had sex. Enticingly, Amaryllis spread her legs wide and beckoned me to come closer.
You are interestingly kinky for a newly deflowered virgin,” I remarked with a grin.
Well...” Amaryllis replied, looking away. “I feel like I have to be if I want to compete with your lovers.”
You don't have to compete with them,” I stated, holding her face and forcing her to look at me. “I will make time for you if you want me to.”
Well...” she mumbled shyly. “I'm also having a lot of fun learning all of this...” she blushed because a Lady wasn't supposed to admit such things.
Happy to hear that, I accepted her invitation, sliding inside her with a moan of pleasure. Sang-Soif and I both moaned and groaned noisily, thoroughly enjoying the situation. Amaryllis seemed to be uncomfortable, but wouldn't admit this out loud, so I decided to do her a favor and finish as quickly as possible. She sighed in relief when I was done.
Maybe I was more sore than I thought...” she murmured, happy to crawl away and collapse on the bed.
Next time, I promise to be more gentle,” I replied even as I grabbed hold of Sang-Soif and pulled her onto my lap. She hadn't had quite enough attention yet, so I spanked her.
Sang-Soif cried out happily as Amaryllis shifted onto her side to watch us better. I whacked my lover repeatedly with my bare hand, watching as a rosy glow developed. Normally, when I was dominating her like this, Sang-Soif did not talk unless she needed to, but today she surprised me.
Gavin...” she purred softly. “If she gets to have a baby, I want one too...”
This news was enough to make me hard so fast that I gasped in shock. My heart started racing until I thought I might faint. I beat on my chest a few times to get it to behave.
Really?!” I asked hopefully, completely forgetting to spank my beloved.
Yes,” she murmured, twisting her body so that she could look at me. “I miss the feeling of a newborn sucking on my breast... I miss the soft and snuggly feel of a baby in my arms, and I miss the wonderful smell of a sleeping infant!”
By the Gods!” I exclaimed fervently, pulling her into my arms. “Don't you know by now that I love you and that the thought of you carrying my child makes me so happy that I can't think straight! If you wanted a baby, why didn't you tell me sooner?!”
Because...” Sang-Soif began, tears welling in her eyes. “We already gave you plenty of children. I didn't want to burden you with more...”
A soft exhalation escaped me as I felt my eyes sting just a little too. I squeezed her tight, savoring the feel of her in my arms. Stroking her hair, I rocked us ever so slightly.
Don't you know that you could never be a burden to me,” I whispered in her ear. “You are my heart...”
Gavin...” She breathed out in awe, snuggling her face into me.
Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself for the violence I know she wanted. Flinging her onto her back, I crawled on top of her and grasped her neck in my hands as I slid inside her. With her hands still bound, she couldn't make me squeeze her neck too tight. After she nearly died a couple of times, I vowed to never choke her too hard or long again. This meant that she couldn't have her hands free to try to “help” me.
Her eyes rolled back as she made sounds of strangulation. Knowing that it wouldn't take her long to reach her climax like this, I rammed into her roughly and welcomed the urge to pump her full. She got extremely tight just as her body started jerking about almost violently. This was my cue to let go of her neck and grasp her hips so that I could grind into her. With a soft groan, I filled her up.
She gasped in a lungful of air and then sighed repeatedly. Amaryllis had been watching us with wide eyes and a hand over her mouth, but now she chastised me. Sitting up, she shouted in fiercely protective anger.
How could you do that?! I thought you were going to kill her!” As she yelled, she pushed me off Sang-Soif roughly, rolled her over, and untied her hands. “I thought you said you loved this poor woman!”
Sang-Soif giggled, pulling Amaryllis into a hug. “You're so darn cute! Don't be angry at Gavin, he knows how much I love being choked.”
But!” Amaryllis protested. “That can't be good for you!”
Maybe not,” Sang-Soif admitted with a shrug. “But I don't care!”
Amaryllis sighed in frustration, not sure what to say to that.
Now,” Sang-Soif murmured, changing the subject. “As much as I would dearly love to take a nap, I have a prisoner that I've neglected so that I could play. You'll have to excuse me.”
Have fun,” I wished her before seizing her lips in a possessive kiss.
She moaned happily. “I usually do...”
Prisoners?” Amaryllis asked in confusion. Deciding that the time was a good as it was ever going to get, I snuggled up to my new wife and explained those things about Clan Blood that were not general knowledge.

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