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Sunday, October 12, 2014

4 Ingredient, No Bake, No Crust Cheesecake (Or Wontons!)

This is my super simple cheesecake recipe. I shouldn't have carbs, so I do not use a crust, however, you could very easily use a premade or homemade crust if you wanted.

For the cheesecake, you'll need:
- Two 8 oz packages of cream cheese. I prefer to use organic, but definitely use what you like :-)
- Splash or two of lemon juice - depends on how tart you want it :-)
- Heavy Whipping Cream - 1 pint AKA 2 cups
- Sweetener to taste. I use 100% grade B dark amber Maple Syrup, and I also like to have mine on the not so sweet side, so I simply drizzle it and taste until it tastes right to me. I recommend doing this with any sweetener that you plan to use, because often, you don't need as much as recipes call for. :-)

Allow cream cheese to soften and then unwrap and place it in a mixing bowl - at least medium size or larger. I like to mess up the blocks with a fork so they don't stick to the beaters and clump up quite as much. Add the splash or two (or three, lol) of lemon juice and beat until smooth. This is important if you don't want lumps in your cheesecake. Then add the cream and beat some more.

When it seems to have mixed but is still rather runny, add your sweetener and mix some more before tasting and adding more sweetener if necessary. When you think you have enough, continue to beat the mix until it is thick and well mixed. If you were too impatient to wait to put the cream in - like I usually am - you might have lumps in your batter, and that's okay.

Pour your batter into whatever pan you like. You can even leave it in the bowl if you want, lol! I like a medium sized (probably 8"X5") rectangular pan, but I have also used smaller circular dessert pans and also 8" round pie pans. (All made out of glass, so pan sounds like a misnomer, shrugs.)

Once smoothed out nicely, place the cheesecake pan into the fridge to chill for a while before eating or adding a topping. If you wanted to, after it's chilled until firm, you could cut it into bites and freeze in the freezer for a bit before tossing in a ziplock bag and eating frozen :-D

As I have mentioned in the past, I am diabetic, so I tend to avoid grains and carbs. That's why my cheesecake is crustless. It's also why it's fairly plain as described so far. However, if I am going to have it as a special treat, I like to add toppings. The easiest and simplest topping is to spread organic jam such as strawberry or blueberry over it. If you are like me, you can find a jam - such as St. Dalfour - that has no added sugar in it :-) I have found that an 8 oz jar is just about perfect, but it can be a bit thin, have more on hand in case you want it thicker.

Other topping suggestions are:

- Freshly sliced or pureed frozen strawberries (I suggest allowing the strawberries to drain just a little before putting them on the cheesecake, and if you do not need to worry about sugar content, you could always sprinkle a little sugar on them as they sit :-)
- Fresh or frozen blueberries
- Apple compote or Apple Butter
- Raspberries crushed with pretzel sticks (Again, if you don't need to worry about grain. This is really tasty! The salt in the pretzel sticks makes it worth adding to any cheesecake. You could even crush up a bunch and press it to the bottom of the pan with melted butter to form a crust if you wanted.)
- A cinnamon flavored sugar crumble (Softened butter whipped with cinnamon and sugar until it forms crumbles. You could also add oatmeal :-) )
- Lime gelatin with pears
- Anything your heart desires! Cheesecake pairs well with damn near anything :-)

Or - if you are in the mood for something truly special and happen to have an ice cream maker - try cutting the cheesecake into tiny chunks and then adding them to a strawberry or blueberry ice cream mix just before pouring into the maker. Sheer heaven!

Lastly, this base mix is absolutely PERFECT for making Wontons. All you need is 2-3 packages of wonton wraps, then scoop a spoonful or so of this cheesecake mix (before it has set) into each wrap, seal shut with a dab of water, and then fry in a deep fat frier. I recommend using lard or tallow to fry it in, but sunflower or peanut oil works well too :-)

Good luck and have a happy day :-)

Friday, October 10, 2014

I am Jesus Reborn!

If you knew me, you'd be laughing your ass off at that statement! I am a pagan; my chosen pantheon of Gods are mostly Greek. If anything, I'd like to think that I was Zeus in a past life, lol!

So why then did I say that I am Jesus reborn? Well, it's like this:

I do believe Jesus was a real person. I also believe that he was a VERY good man. I believe that he believed in the way of love, and that he walked his talk. He didn't just say "Love thy neighbor" while treating his like shit. He - like Gandhi or Mother Teresa - actually treated others with love and compassion.

So now, I might be making myself sound like some paragon of virtue, when I am so not. However, I DO try to practice the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In pagan speak, that's: And it harm none, do what ye will. I suppose, if you wanted to, you could argue that those two mantras are very different, but to me, they are one and the same. In other words, if I don't want people harming me, I don't harm them, right?

There's a meme going around that has Jesus talking to a bunch of followers, and he says basically: Love thy neighbor. His followers all start protesting: But what if they are gay or ___ or ___ or ___! And Jesus responds with: "What? Did I fucking stutter???" In other words, what he is saying is that you should love your neighbors, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

In my life, I have often been accused of being too nice. I've been perceived as weak because it takes a lot to truly get me angry or upset. I can usually rationalize a person's bad behavior and give them the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn't say that I actually LOVE my literal next door neighbors (mostly because I haven't had a chance to get to know them), but I don't have anything against them either.

Just so you know, my neighbors are a mixed couple. The wife is a white american woman, the husband is a black man literally from africa, and their son is half and half. My boys love playing with their son, and I think it's beautiful that the husband and wife found love despite being born on opposite sides of the world. I'm a sucker for love! It could be between a human and a little green alien, and I would STILL find it awesome and romantic, lol!

Anyway, so when I say that I have nothing against them, I mean that some people would have a problem with them (especially historically) but that I don't. I don't think Jesus would have had a problem with them either. He would have accepted them as they are and wished them happiness.

So maybe now you can understand just a little the title of my post, but it's more than that. So much more!

When I was a teen - actually, my whole life, really - I always knew when people were lying to or using me. Friends would very often call me up and claim they wanted to spend time with me when what they really wanted was a ride somewhere and I was one of the only teens with my own car. I knew they were using me, but I didn't mind because as I was driving them around, I really did get to spend time with my friends. I got to talk to them, mostly alone, about a wide variety of topics. We laughed and joked, and they'd ask me for advice on this or that. I'd get to meet their other friends, and sometimes, those friends became my friends too. I felt a part of the world like I hadn't felt before.

More recently, a friend of mine was talking about how used and abused she was feeling because she is a very giving person, and it seemed like she was always giving a part of her soul to people who didn't care about her at all. I tilted my head to the side in confusion, because giving is selfless, and the ACT of giving is much like divine love. You do it, NOT because you want or expect something in return, but because it fulfills your soul and makes you a better person.

For example, let's say that you took in a foster child. Most people think that foster parents are actually selfish, motivated only by the money they can get from the government. That may be true for some, but I still think that it is a fairly selfless thing to do. But for argument's sake, there is no government compensation. You take the child in because you feel that it is the RIGHT thing to do. You care for this child and spare no expense to raise this child and try to make him or her happy.

Do you then expect that this child should work for you? Be loyal to you? Somehow pay you back one day?

NO! If you have taken in a foster child and given part of your soul to them, you CANNOT expect anything in return!!! Why? Because expecting a return is not only selfish, but it will lead to your own heartache long before the child had found the maturity to realize that they owe you a debt of gratitude. This type of maturity often is not found until after your death. Only then does the foster child realize just how important you were to them. In the meantime, you'll have spent a large portion of your life resenting them if you were expecting something in return.

So, what if a loved one makes a decision that you feel is terrible and only going to hurt them in the long run? Should you take that decision personally and hold a grudge?

NO! Why? Because their decision had nothing to do with you. They made it based on what they felt was best for them, and holding a grudge not only poisons you, but it doesn't change their mind nor effect their peace and happiness. This leaves you suffering for no reason.

Lastly, just yesterday, a different friend was lamenting that she no longer felt welcome by her family. Most of her other friends were advising her to shove herself in the middle of them and fight for her right to be included. I read through all of their comments and scratched my head. So... in their opinion, creating drama and insisting on being the center of attention is the only way to handle the situation??? It really didn't make sense to me.

So, I advised spending some time in quiet reflection. Rather than create drama, I felt her spirit needed some time to rest and heal. Only then will she truly feel ready to take on the world if she has too.

Those are just a few examples that have made me wonder recently if I might just be the reincarnation of Jesus. Well, that and I would love to be able to heal people and I do have a habit of turning water into wine (using the magic of fermentation), lol!

Jesus is not a deity that I worship, so I am not about to convert. I just simply wonder why it is that so many people who do believe in him have such a hard time walking his talk. It seems fairly easy to me, shrugs.

So, to answer "What would Jesus do?" I say:

1- He would love you and respect you, no matter who you are or what you do. (Or how poor you are.)
2- He would try to heal your body/mind if you needed him to.
3- He would try to help you if it was at all possible for him to do so.
4- He wouldn't expect anything in return.
5- He would encourage you to love and help others as much as you can without expecting anything in return.
6- He would remind you that you are not the center of the universe, and that creating drama does not make you a better person.
And lastly, 7- I do believe that he would also try to explain that your soul has signed up for lessons that you must learn in order to grow as a person and have spiritual health. Whenever you keep running into the same type of problem, it is a lesson that you must learn in order to grow.

Anyway, love you and have a happy day :-)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Purple Hearts and the Sandman

Did you ever do anything when you were you at a sleepover that was mildly paranormal? An example that comes to my mind is "Light as a feather, stiff as a board." If you ever watched the Movie "The Craft," you know what I am talking about, otherwise, google it :-)

Anyway, when I was younger, I have NO IDEA where I heard about these, but I heard about and then played two games at birthday parties and or sleepovers. (As in I suggested and initiated the games. I don't think I learned about them at a party.) Both involve a form of hypnosis, and both are frickin' cool IMO.

First, I'm going to talk about The Sandman. This one can get freaky, so I don't do it anywhere near as much as Purple Hearts. Basically, to play the Sandman, you get a volunteer to lay down. Once they are laying down, you talk in a soft but clear voice, tell them a story about how they are at a beach and you are slowly filling their body with sand. You tell them you are filling this arm then that one, then this leg and that, then the chest, etc, (do the head last) and as you do so, you also pretend to fill each part of the body with sand. More and more and more, telling them that they are getting heavier and heavier until they cannot move their body.

Once you have filled their entire body with as much sand as you can, you ask them to try to move. Usually, the volunteer cannot move, not even to twitch their fingers! I played this on my mom once, and she freaked out, so I never really played it on anyone after that, but I do remember being fascinated by the game, wondering why it worked.

Just in case you were thinking: "So wait, you fill them with sand, tell them they can't move, and just leave them like that?!?!" No... Fortunately, you can undo the paralysis fairly easily by simply moving their arms and legs and telling them that they can move again.

Which brings me to the other game. This is actually one of my favorite games to play whenever I manage to get a person willing to play it. However, unlike the first game  - which can be played with just you and a volunteer - this game works better with an extra friend or two. The more the merrier!

To play, you sit comfortably with your volunteer laying with their head in your lap or close enough to you that you can easily reach out and rub their temples. The volunteer will start the game when they are ready by counting backwards from 100. You and all your other friends will softly and steadily chant: "Purple Hearts" over and over as the volunteer counts backwards.

When the game has worked for me, it's pretty obvious, because the volunteer will start to screw up as they count and then usually fall silent at some point. I've had one person barely get to 90 before they were out, and another got all the way to 1. We thought she was unable to be hypnotized, but when I ask her a couple of questions, it turns out that she was well and truly under.

Okay, so after getting your volunteer to go under, you ask her (or him) where she is and to describe everything she sees. Have her walk you through whatever happens - and this is often an elaborate dream like setting - as long as the trance lasts or until you get bored/tired and want to stop. At some point, the volunteer will describe seeing purple hearts, and for whatever reason, this is usually the signal that they are ready to stop, and simply telling them to grab the heart and wake up, or maybe opening a door and walking through it to wake up will do exactly that; wake them up. 

If you want to laugh your ass off, tape the whole session, and then tell the volunteer to forget everything as they are waking up. Then, once awake, they will insist that it didn't work. You and your friends will tell her all about the things that happened, and she will vehemently deny it... until you play the recording and amaze her!

It wasn't until I was an adult and had a psychologist hypnotize me that I realized that you could tell a hypnotized person that they could remember everything. I think this is why I could never be hypnotized at parties, I think I was too afraid of not being able to remember what happened that it simply wouldn't work on me. It was only after the therapist assured me that I would remember that I was able to be put under. 

To this day, I wish I had someone who was willing to work with me whenever I wanted - much like I read Tarot cards. I really wish I could work through some issues, access my guides more easily, and maybe even explore my past lives a bit. Sadly, I haven't found a person willing to do this :-(

Anyway, I had some thoughts on telling the person to forget VS telling them to remember. I think both have their time and place. For example, working on memory regression and past lives would be a good time to remember everything, BUT if you want a post hypnotic suggestion, that's actually better to forget. Here's why:

If you want to do something - such as lose weight - a post hypnotic suggestion can help you by telling your brain that you don't want to eat when you are not actually hungry. If you remember this suggestion, then it will come to the front of your mind every time you are looking in the fridge for food when you are bored or emotional. You'll hear the suggestion not to eat when you're not hungry, decide that this is an exception because fill in the blank, and then give yourself permission to eat anyway. However, if you don't remember the post hypnotic suggestion, you'll look into the fridge, get an urge not to eat anything, close the fridge, and come back later.

I've never really given post hypnotic suggestions during a game of Purple Hearts, but I would love to do so. I think it would be a great time to guide someone to their past life, and then give them the suggestion that they will continue to slowly remember other things - maybe in their dreams. OR - if they had a traumatic past life - tell them to overcome the trauma and allow for spiritual healing. 

I have thought a great deal about taking actual Hypnosis classes and getting certified as a therapist, but I've had so much else going on in my life that made that pretty much impossible. Also, as much as I would like to help others, I REALLY want to help myself work through some issues, so taking a class might not be the best idea after all.

So, tell me... Have any of you ever played these games? If so, how did it work out? If not, what other but similar games did you play? I look forwards to hearing about them :-)

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Sunday Night Photoshoot

We had a friend of ours named Ali come over earlier tonight so that my husband could have her try on and model his newest chainmail pieces. We were all having so much fun, that I decided to get in on the action too, lol!

NOTE: These pictures are all UNedited, except for a little cropping and resizing on most of them. I have thrown in a couple that are completely uncropped just so you can see how messy our living room got during the shoot with props and whatnot just lying all around. Enjoy :-D

WARNING! Nudity alert, all prudes should leave now!!!

Oh and apologies in advance that all the pictures ended up different sizes. It was hard to crop them all in a uniform way, so I simply cropped and then tried to adjust the size so that they were all as close in size as I could get :-)

First, a headshot, and then the teaser I posted to my facebook earlier:

One last warning, nudity alert!!! Here I'm just going to post the photos in the order that they were taken :-)

My hubby made this top for me a LONG time ago, and it's one of my favorites :-) This pic is just basically to show it off, lol!

My hubby just LOVES how this one turned out :-) Also, he's really proud of that robe, he made it a couple of years ago, and hasn't had much reason to use it, lol!

See, I told you I left one or two completely uncropped, lol!

Don't make me punish you...

Someone deserves a spanking...

See? I can use my mouth...

Turn about is fair play, lol!

You wanna fight? Let's fight bitch!

Close up of the same pic

Good little slave girl...

Very naughty mistress!

This last one is possibly my favorite pic of the whole photoshoot. I don't know how I got that expression, but I LOVE it!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Apple Wine, Applesauce and Butter

When a friend's parents needed to have the apples picked off their tree, they called my husband to come help, and for his effort, he got a good 15-20 pounds of apples. This is a good thing because I LOVE APPLES!!! However, not even I can eat that many before they go bad, lol!

This is ONLY about a THIRD of what we got :-)
So, we naturally wanted to make wine out of them. The last time I made apples wine, I ended up rushing the process and losing all the wine because I didn't have everything I needed to make it work out. However, it wasn't a complete loss because I learned something important...

When juicing a ton of apples, there ends up being a TON of pulp! When I had a good 3/4th of a gallon of juice, I had enough pulp the almost fill a 6 quart pot. So, I added a hint of sugar (about 1/2 cup to the first pot and closer to a whole cup for the second pot) and some water (7 cups in each pot) to the pot of apple pulp and let it simmer on low for about a half an hour.

Note: I don't mind seeds or even peel in my applesauce, so I did not peel the apples nor did I remove the seeds. The juicer I use doesn't put any of that in the juice anyway. This meant that I did have to spend a good 20-30 minutes each batch sorting through the pulp to pull out the bigger chunks of peel. If you would rather NOT have peels or seeds in your pulp, feel free to use an apple corer and peeler before juicing the apples.

Another reason that I did not remove the peel is that is has quite a bit more flavor than the apple flesh does, so leaving some in there can help give it some zing.

So, after a while, I had close to a gallon of apple juice, but it also had a lot of froth. That's okay, IMO. The froth is simply bits of pulp that is so fine it was able to fit through the micromesh of the juicer. To that batch (actually to both batches) I added a pound of sugar (approx 2 cups), lemon juice (between 1-2 lemons worth) and half a 12 oz box of raisins. I used organic raisins so that I know that the yeast I want hasn't been removed via chemical washes or irradiation.

The froth is at the top, the bottom has sugar and raisins... and maybe a little of the froth, lol!
Then I started on my second gallon of juice. To be honest, I almost wanted to stop because I had so much pulp from the first one, that I was leery of making more, lol! But I persevered!

From my second gallon of juice, I decided to remove as much of the froth as possible because - well - if any part of it is going to attract mold, it would be the frothy stuff on top. I figured that it would have to be removed later on anyway (when I bottle the wine) so why not remove it now?

That frothy stuff went into a smaller pot and then simmered on low for 10-15 minutes to make apple butter. The reason why for the simmering is that the froth is loaded with pectin, and the simmering thickens the froth and activates the pectin to create apple butter - like jelly but not clear. (I might just go back and remove the froth from the first batch because I liked it so much :-D )

This is the jar I removed the froth from, as a result, there is less total. Off to the left is my Rumtopf :-)
From the first batch of applesauce simmering in the 6 quart pot, I got 6 full pints of apple sauce. From the second, I got nearly 7 pints, but I decided to divide the last of it into bowls for my hubby and I to enjoy :-) To me, it turned out tasting almost exactly like the sugar free variety I buy in the store (the second batch was sweeter like "normal" applesauce) but it definitely looks different - containing bits of peel, seeds, and a brownish color. The froth taken from the one jar made TWO 8 ounce jars of apple butter.

Last note: I didn't "officially" can the applesauce, but I did put it in the jars while warm and most of the jars made a clanking noise as they self sealed. This means that the jars that clanked are technically shelf stable, but I plan to store all of mine in the fridge anyway.

As for the wine, well, I've added the sugar, lemon juice, and raisins to the second gallon and now have them sitting out on my stove to ferment. I will keep an eye on them to make sure they don't go moldy, but other than that, they just need to sit there for up to 4 months before being bottled. I look forward to tasting the finished wine!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Prepare to be OFFENDED!

And if you are offended, maybe you should go masturbate for an hour or so, because you obviously need to loosen up and relax. A LOT!

About a week or two ago, I shared an article on facebook that talked about a father who took and posted "nude" pictures of his daughter while they were on vacation. The thing is that these WERE NOT sexual pics. They were NORMAL pics that any person in any family might take... except that the child was naked.

GASP! EGADS!! OH THE HORROR!!! Naked? Say it isn't so! (Rolls my eyes...)

I just now spent an hour going through everything on my facebook in an attempt to find the article so I could post it here and share what I'd thought about it at the time... as it turns out, facebook quietly removed the article from my feed - along with the entire conversation I'd had about it - without bothering to tell me! So I had to look for it on the web, and just so you know, it wasn't easy to find!

This article: Artistic or Pornographic?

When I posted it, one of my sisters immediately commented that while she understood that the photos were not intended to be pornographic, there were too many perverts in the world to let it be acceptable to post such pics online. I responded that the world should not be dictated to by the small amount of perverts. MEANING that while it is not okay to actively be part of child pornography, it is also NOT OKAY to be afraid of posting innocent photos because there are perverts out there who will use said innocently taken photos as pornography.

I am of the opinion that nudity is not wrong and should not be illegal. Nudity is also NOT pornography since pornography is defined as pictures taken with sexual content for sexual gratification. Nudity should be allowed and it should be NORMAL!!!

That said, I am a nudist - as is my family - and I do not post nudity to my facebook because I don't want to risk some asshole or troll out there trying to make my life a living hell by reporting my pictures as pornography when they aren't.

THAT SAID, I have posted a couple of baby butt pics a few years back. Today, I had a troll go through what must have been ALL my posted pictures and report 3 of them as offensive because of nudity... I decided to post those 3 here so that y'all can see them and decide for yourselves if they really are offensive - or if that troll was just trying to cause trouble :-)

In defense of the troll, my original caption for this photo was: It looks like Phoenix is thinking I'm too sexy for this! Lol! However, you can't even see a butt cheek, so there's no nudity in this!

In this one you actually can see part of a butt cheek, but these are sleeping toddlers. There is certainly NOTHING sexual or obscene about this picture! If you think there is... then you are part of the problem...

I posted this pic way back when because it was the only one in which the nipple could not be seen. Nudity - as defined by law - is the unobstructed view of the nipple or genitals. Clearly, there's nothing wrong with this picture, and yet a troll has determined that there is.
Okay, so my real point is this: I have done nothing wrong, and I should NOT be at the mercy of a random internet troll! If facebook does have a REAL person look at these photos and determine them to be in violation of their policy - which I have read their policy and they are not! - then it becomes a matter and an example of yet more people who would rather be dictated to by the "But it might be seen and used by perverts!" theory than the actual American right to freedom of the press, among others. As in I took this photo and I published this photo, that makes me a citizen using my rights, and any censorship of this photo (any one of them) is a violation of my rights!

And warning to all perverts who want to use these pictures for purposes that I did not intend them: There is a special place in hell for you, good luck!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


This is how I do my kraut. I know that I do it a bit differently than classic kraut, but I get good results :-)
Just so you know, classic kraut is simply shredded cabbage pounded until the juice is released and tossed with plenty of salt. That's too much work for me, lol! So I decided to try the brine method.

First, start with cabbage. I LOVE Sauerkraut, so I make a lot. I usually buy four small to medium sized heads of cabbage - because organic cabbage seems to just be smaller in general, shrugs. I'll put two in each gallon sized glass jar, and IF I remember, I toss between a half and a whole garlic bulb (six or so big cloves) and some dill weed into the jar as I shred the cabbage and stuff it into the jar. I use a food processor for quick and easy shredding, but I recently saw a mandolin that put my food processor to shame!

(This time around, I used onion too :-) )

After shredding the cabbage and packing it into the glass jar, I toss 4 heaping spoonfuls - like regular spoons, the kind you'd eat breakfast with... - of RealSalt brand sea salt into a 2 cup liquid measuring cup, then I fill it up and stir it to dissolve the salt before pouring the whole thing into the jar. Then I fill and repeat - adding more water to the jar until it reaches the top.

After my first batch, someone suggested using plastic lids from things like yogurt containers to help keep the cabbage under the water. This is VERY important since the stuff that floats on top can very easily attract mold. Plus, the actual fermentation is anaerobic, meaning without oxygen. That means that your kraut NEEDS to be under the water in order to ferment properly.

So, once the lid is in place, I add more water until I know that it will stay submerged. The salt and water mix is the brine, and it does it's job :-)

Just so you know, many many many experts will tell you that as an anaerobic ferment, kraut should be fermented in a SEALED container, BUT every time I have tried that, I've gotten mold. Instead, I put a paper towel over the mouth of my jar, and then put a lid on that. The paper towel allows the ferment to offgas (avoiding explosions) and breathe (allowing in helpful wild yeasts and whatnot), all while keeping bugs out. Doing it this way, I've not once had a batch go bad..... except when the paper towel somehow formed a seal between the jar and the lid. That batch got a bad case of pink mold and had to be tossed out.

SOOO, in my mind, the cabbage under the brine creates the anaerobic environment, and the loose seal allows in the little bit of air that is needed for wild yeasties and other friends to come join the party :-D

My current batch of kraut. One gallon is garlic and onion, and the other is onion and dill.

Once my jars are packed and "sealed," I place them into a pan to catch the "spit up," lol! Then I let it sit undisturbed for at least a week. After that - not only has it stopped spitting up, but the cabbage has softened just enough that I can pack it into smaller containers for easier storage on my counter. At this point, I start eating it, enjoying how it tastes as it continues to ferment and change :-)

If there's any left at the 6 week mark, I transfer it into my fridge because it's almost too strong to eat by that point, lol! However, if my boys have permission to snack on it, it usually disappears before the 4th week, lol!

And that's it! That's how I make my Kraut :-D

Note, by spit up, I mean that the cabbage will release some juice, and this apparently happens in spurts, which overflow. I had to wipe down my counter several times before I figured this out, lol! The pan catches the spit up, preventing it from getting all over.

Have a happy day, and if you make some kraut, let me know :-D

Update 9-5-14
I repacked my kraut into a smaller container for space reasons since they had stopped spitting up. They were not fully fermented yet - especially not at the top - so they tasted kinda weird to me. More like cabbage and less like kraut. I also think that the garlic and onion one might just be too oniony for me, lol! After repacking them, they'll sit on my counter more or less undisturbed for a couple more days, BUT...

I am officially out of the last batch of kraut I made and so I will more than likely be eating some of this soon, lol!

Lastly, the garlic and onion batch seemed to have a bit of water loss - whereas the other one didn't - so that may ultimately affect the final product. We shall see :-)

Charts and Readings